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Foto: Cody Zeger (EEUU) – Curso CILE 2013

CLM is looking for families in Granada to take in foreign students

Being a host family is a magnificent opportunity to learn about other cultures and exchange experiences. It is also a great responsibility. For this reason, the people who are interested in becoming a host family should consider the following aspects:

CLM’s quality commitment to our students (guaranteed by the Instituto Cervantes, amongst others) obliges us to ask for certain minimum requirements in the selection of families.

The location of the housing (students prefer to live in the city centre), adaptation (comfort, lighting, cleaning, etc.,) and family cohesion is very important for us and our students.

At the end of the stay, the students will fill out a questionnaire to evaluate different aspects of the accommodation with that family, and this will be taken into account for future assignments of students.

Families who have not been accepted will be notified and not included in the data base of host families.