Language Exchange

The Language Exchange Service is free of charge for CLM students. It is designed to facilitate contact between our students, giving them the opportunity to practice their language skills whilst enriching their understanding of each other’s cultures. Students of over 50 nationalities study languages in our classrooms each year.


  • Login to your student account.
  • This service is only available to students who are currently taking a course.
  • You need to fill out a simple form with your languages, availability and interests. This allows us to suggest students whoseprofile is compatible with yours.
  • Once your are in our Language Exchange database, you will see a list of students interested in practising the same languages as you. A colour code will indicate the times you coincide and the interests you have in common.
  • Clicking on any name on that list will provide you with more information about that student. Then you can decide whether or not you are interested in having an exchange with that person.
  • Choose one or more students from the list and click on ‘Request Exchange’ to send an exchange request.
  • You can change your information in the database at any time: change your availability, your interests, your languages or indicate that you are no longer available for further exchanges.
  • You can check the status of your requests by clicking on ‘Requests Made’ or ‘Requests Received’.
  • When your request is accepted, or you accept a request, the contact details becomevisible. Use them to communicate with your new exchange partner.


(CLM students in any interested person)

Do not worry! At the Modern Languages ​​Center your training is our priority. And we know how important it is for you to «let go» when speaking a language. Do not worry if you are not a CLM student, because for you we also have a wide range of activities with which you can practice and improve your language and meet new friends.

During the month of December, there will be no language exchange, see you again on January 16, 2023!

Where is Lemon Rock?

This activity is totally free and open to all audiences (from 18 years old).

Face 2 Face

Very soon, we will resume the Face 2 Face language exchanges in the central courtyard of the CLM. Check out the previous editions!

There are also Apps available for language exchange. Utandem collaborates with the CLM offering their services.

Do Utandem?

Utandem is an app which enables you to do language exchanges with people in your city. Get to know new people, tandem groups, language schools and places to meet