Spanish Language and Culture Course: Teaching Methods and the Art of Teaching

Course to acquire and strengthen tools for teaching Spanish as a foreign language.


◼ This course is specially designed for teachers of Spanish as a foreign language, teachers of bilingual programs, immersion programs and of Spanish to Spanish speakers. Students must have a minimum Spanish language level of B2 (CEFR), equivalent to ACTFL Advanced Low.


◼ A three-week course (60 hours of theory and practice).


◼ Four hours a day in the morning from Monday to Friday. Complementary cultural visits and activities in the afternoons and at weekends.


◼ 8th to 26th July 2024


◼ From 30th November 2023 to 1st April 2024


◼ 1,950 € [with full board accommodation]
◼ 1,245 € [without accommodation]

Number of participants per group

◼ Groups with between 15 and 25 participants

  • To reflect on methodological aspects applied to teaching and update learning proposals and teaching styles.
  • To widen participants’ knowledge of current Hispanic culture in its European and American forms.
  • To improve linguistic competence in Spanish, especially in oral expression.
  • Linguistic update (15 hours)
  • Grammar and error analysis (10 hours)
  • Songs in the Spanish as a foreign language classroom (4 hours)
  • Materials and methods for teaching Spanish as a foreign language (4 hours)
  • Conversation (4 hours) or The current socio-political situation (4 hours)
  • The socio-cultural component (6 hours) or Current literary trends in Spain and Latin America (5 hours)
  • Andalusia in history, literature and art (5 hours)
  • Popular Spanish culture (3 hours)
  • Albaicín
  • Cathedral and Royal Chapel
  • Alhambra
  • Sacromonte Abbey
  • Flamenco workshop

Attendance (minimum 90%), assignments and active participation in class will be assessed.