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Center Authorized by Instituto Cervantes

Quality policy QUALITY POLICY


Centro de Lenguas Modernas de la Universidad de Granada has been accredited by Instituto Cervantes which means it meets the conditions set by the Instituto Cervantes Accreditation System of the Quality of Centres, the only international accreditation that focuses exclusively on the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language.

All this means that:

  • We meet certain quality standards in teaching Spanish.

  • We meet the legal requirements for carrying out teaching activities.

  • We have adequate teaching resources.

  • We have properly qualified and trained teaching staff.

  • We have a study plan guaranteeing satisfactory progress.

  • We set a maximum number of students per class.

  • We issue certificates.

  • Our publicity accurately reflects the services we offer.

  • We clearly specify course fees and the cost of any additional services.

  • We address complaints.

The Instituto Cervantes carries out periodic evaluations. You can view all the details of the Instituto Cervantes Accreditation System in its web.

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CLM Transparency Portal

Quality policy QUALITY POLICY

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Contractor Profile

Quality policy QUALITY POLICY

Here you can find information on the different bidding procedures for Formación y Gestión de Granada S.L. (Centro de Lenguas Modernas de la Universidad de Granada y La Bóveda de la Universidad).

On this page you can find all existing information on the different tendering procedures.




29/07/2016 PLIEGO de cláusulas administrativas que ha de regir la adjudicación del contrato patrimonial explotación de la marca UGR a través de la venta de productos en tienda y tienda-on line y suministro a la tienda de la Bóveda de la Sociedad Formación y Gestión de Granada S.L. de la Universidad de Granada

13/10/2016 Adjudicación del contrato patrimonial explotación de la marca UGR a través de la venta de productos en tienda y tienda-on line


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Privacy Policy

Quality policy QUALITY POLICY In accordance with the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European…

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Regulations for Activities organised by CLM

  • To participate in any of the activities organised by CLM, you must be a student at CLM.
  • Registration can be made through:
    • Reception, (Conserjería) with your student card, National ID or passport.
    • Online, using your student account. (Acceso Indentificado de Estudiantes)
  • Once registered for any activity, the student will be able to see the following statuses in relation to these activities:
    • Open: the activity is still open to all students and registration is possible.
    • Confirmed: the activity has been confirmed and registration is no longer possible.
    • Cancelled: the activity has been cancelled and it is no longer possible to access it.
  • Students will have the opportunity to enroll until the maximum reservation deadline is met or, failing that, the maximum number of students is covered.
  • Once enrolled, it is essential to check the activity’s status on the CLM website one or two days beforehand to see whether it has been confirmed or cancelled.
    • CLM reserves the right to cancel or reprogram any of the activities without prior warning if the cause is justified (bad weather, not enough students or any other reasons beyond the control of CLM).
  • If a student decides to unsubscribe from any of the activities:
    • from the date of registration until four days before the visit (except Alhambra, which is 15 days before), 80% of the amount paid will be refunded.
    • if the withdrawal takes place after those days, no refund is possible.
  • When CLM cancels an activity, the students will be notified as soon as possible and the refund of the amount will be 100%. Students will be required to show their tickets if the registration has been made through Conserjería.
  • CLM does not provide health insurance in any of the activities offered. By registering for a particular activity, the participant assumes any risks deriving from that activity.
  • These regulations are mandatory for the entire CLM community and its non-compliance will be the sole responsibility of the registered person.
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Satisfaction Questionnaires

Quality policy QUALITY POLICY


Every year, an outside company assesses the teaching through surveys filled out by the students and controls the facilities and services at the Centro de Lenguas Modernas.

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Terms of Use

Quality policy QUALITY POLICY

In fulfillment of the requirements ofLey 34/2002de 11 July,Servicios de la Sociedad de la Información y de Comercio Electrónico (LSSICE), we provide general information about our web site www.clm-granada.com


  • C.I.F.: B-18432583
  • Inscribed in the Trade Register of Granada
  • Volume 752, Book 0, Section 154, Page GR 11193
  • Registered address: Placeta del Hospicio Viejo s/n 18009 GRANADA (SPAIN)
  • Telephone: (+34) 958 215 660
  • Fax: (+34) 958 220 844
  • e-mail: info@clm.ugr.es


The objectives of this web site are mainly informative and promotional, relating to the registration process and how the C.L.M functions, and the Courses and academic resources available to users and students in general through thiswebsite.The CLM has the right to withdraw the services offered in this Web site without having to notify the user and this will not entail any legal responsibility towards the user or third parties.

Rules for use and participation in our blog

These rules for posting on our blog are accepted from the moment the user shares a post.

The comments made by the user should be related to the topic in question.
It is forbidden to include any form of advertising in the blog posts. The content of the posts on our blog is visible to other users.

By posting a message the user authorizes the CENTRO DE LENGUAS MODERNAS (UGR) to use and disseminate the text on the web page www.clm-granada.com. Moreover, the user waives his/her right to ask for any type of responsibility and/ or compensation for the said use.

Users will always use appropriate and respectful language. Insults, disrespect and infringement of human rights are strictly forbidden. All racist, xenophobic, paedophilic, sexist, aggressive or any other posts which could violate rights or be offensive will be deleted.

It is forbidden to include personal data of third parties in the posts. We recommend users not to publish their own personal data either.
It is forbidden to publish posts which might violate the copyright, intellectual and/or industrial property rights.

The blog has a moderator who will be able to delete any post which does not comply with the rules outlined and deny access to those users who do not abide by them.


In the case of links to third-party web sites, the user will be under the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of the new web site, and accepts that theCENTRO DE LENGUAS MODERNAS (UGR)is not responsible nor does it have any legal obligation for the use of such sites.


All the texts and images contained in the Web site of theCENTRO DE LENGUAS MODERNAS (UGR) are subject to intellectual property rights and can not be reproduced, totally or in part, without the written authorization of their legal owners.


The CENTRO DE LENGUAS MODERNAS (UGR) has the right to modify its Terms of Use and Privacy Policy whenever it considers it appropriate to do so. The user has the obligation to check the contents of the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, as they may be changed without any notice. Also, the user must understand and accept all and each of the clauses included in the present document. It is the entirely the user's responsibility to check the terms previously mentioned.

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Work Related Risk Prevention and Quality Control Policy

Quality policy QUALITY POLICY

Formación y Gestión de Granada SLMP. (Centro de Lenguas Modernas) (the Centro de Lenguas Modernas) declares that the company is proceeding to integrate quality and prevention management in its organization of the Centre, following the principles outlined below:

  • Prevention of risks in the workplace is very important in our sector mainly in relation to the use of computer screens, adopting the correct posture when working, and psychosocial problems. For this reason we have set up a system to manage the prevention of risks at work, as well as having an outside prevention and support advice service and a person within the company who is responsible for this system. This is supported by the work of our Prevention Delegates and the Health and Safety Committee.

  • In relation to our provision of services, adaptation to all the needs of our students is an essential component, thus we offer a wide range of possibilities in language learning as well as customized courses.

  • We also offer all the additional services that our students might need to support or supplement their education, not only in relation to their language skills but also to Spanish customs. These services include the library, accommodation, cultural and sports activities amongst others. In addition, we help to encourage intercultural relations and facilitate the students’ adaptation.


Thus, we are committed to:

  • Working towards constant improvement of the working conditions of our staff and of the educational service we provide, through the monitoring stipulated in our integrated management system of quality and prevention of risks at work.

  • Complying with the legislation and other applicable requirements in relation to matters of prevention of risks at work, and all other areas directly applicable to our company.

  • Communicating this policy to all our employees and making it accessible for all interested parties.

  • Communicating this policy to all our employees and making it accessible for all interested parties.

  • Revising this policy annually coinciding with the Management Review, as well as adjusting the specific objectives that arise from it.

This is the Quality and Prevention of Risks at Work Policy that will be communicated to all levels of the company.

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