Multimedia Classroom

The Modern Language Centre has two Multimedia Rooms, one in the Placeta de Hospicio Viejo and the other in the Huerta de los Ángeles building.


The CLM Multimedia Room (Placeta de Hospicio Viejo) is equipped with 22 computers. Students have language learning and cultural programmes at their disposal together with word processing programmes and printers for class work, and free access to internet, etc.

  • Opening hours: Open from 8.00am to 20.30pm Monday to Thursday, and Friday from 8.00am to 20.00pm.
  • Summer opening hours: July from 8.00am to 19.30pm and August from 08.30am to 13.30pm Monday to Friday.


The Multimedia Room in this building is equipped with 22 workstations. Students can use the word processing programmes available for class work, printers and have free access to Internet, etc.


REGULATIONS for using the Multimedia Rooms

◼ Teaching staff should book the Multimedia at least one day in advance using the GAP.
◼ Estudents can consult the availability of workstations on the notice board or on the web page: Booking the Multimedia Rooms (there is direct access to this page on the desktop of the computers in the Multimedia Room).
◼ Any workstation available at that time can be used by students.
◼ It is forbidden to install or run any software not included in the Multimedia Room suite.
◼ Do not change the computer’s configuration in any way, including the desktop, icons, etc.
◼ It is forbidden to smoke, eat or drink in the Multimedia Room.
◼ If there are any problems, please contact with Reception.