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The Internship Program for Foreign Students (PPEE) is aimed at university students and professionals interested in broadening their studies through professional internships in a wide range of institutions.

The program takes place in two periods, one from October to December (Fall) and the other from February to May (Spring).

The minimum number of students per group is 5. Students will be accepted to participate in this program provided they have the approval of the Director’s Office and sign their commitment to completing the program on enrolment.

The CLCE Internship Program offers four options:

The Internship Program for Foreign Students has the following structure:

  • Group seminar:10 hours.
  • Individual interviews with tutor: 2 interviews lasting 1 hour each.
  • Follow-up group seminar: 2 hours.
  • Internships: 45 hours.
  • Supervision at internship destination.
  • Written project.
  • Presentation and assessment of projects.

Group Seminar

Individual interview

Follow-up group seminar

Individual interview

Group presentation of written project

10h 1h 2h 1h 1h

45 hours

11 weeks in the Fall Semester -14 weeks in the Spring Semester

4 hours per week (two days a week or one morning)