Wi-Fi Access

The CLM provides access to the Virtual Campus of the UGR Wireless that enables Internet access via Wi-Fi to all students enrolled in a course of CLM. The service is free and available at all campuses of the University of Granada only during the period in which the student is enrolled.

The UGR is a member of the international network EDUROAM. If you already use the wi-fi network named EDUROAM at your home university or college (at any country), then you can use it directly in the CLM without having to configure anything.


You need your personal username and password

When you registered (or a few days before the start of your course) the CLM sent you an email with your login details. These data are valid for the Student Identified Access and for connecting to the wi-fi network. If you think you have not received this email, please look in your SPAM folder. If you can't find it anywhere you can retrieve a new password here (but in this case the wi-fi won't work until the next day).


If your system is ANDROID

You have to go to GOOGLE PLAY and install the APP "eduroam CAT". Then continue with point 3.

Assisted configuration
(android versions 8.0 or later)

  • Download and install the geteduroam app (available on Google Play).
  • Run the geteduroam app and search for "Granada", select "University of Granada" from the list and enter the UGR credentials in the following screen.

Assisted configuration
(android versions 4.3 to 7)

  • Download and install the "eduroam CAT" app (available on Google Play).
  • Once the application is installed, using a browser go to https://cat.eduroam.org , search for "Universidad de Granada" and download the eduroam installer for UGR users. Open the downloaded file using the eduroamCAT app and click on "Install" (you are required to enter your username/password (official UGR email address in lower case) and click again on "Install").


If your system is iPHONE or any other

You can go directly to point 3.

Visit the website cat.eduroam.org with your device (phone, computer, tablet ...)

Click on "Download your eduroam installer"



Search and select "University of Granada".

If it does not appear in the list press the button "Locate me more accurately ..."


Depending on the type of device, a certificate will be downloaded and installed.

If your system is ANDROID

You will be asked to enter your username (xxxxxx@clm.ugr.es) and password


If your system is iPHONE

You may need to go to "Settings > General > Profile" and manually install the downloaded profile.

You will be asked to enter your username (xxxxxx@clm.ugr.es) and password.


You are already connected!

Your access to the EDUROAM wi-fi network will be open during your course dates.



CLM Students are users of the computer network of the University of Granada. Thus, to use these computing resources, the student declares that:

  • I am a user of the Granada University Computing Resources.
  • I agree to use these resources for the exclusive purpose of University activities, in accordance with the principles established in the Statutes of Granada University.
  • I am aware of the security rules and regulations for users of the Granada University Computing Resources and I agree to abide by them in every aspect.
  • In any case, I agree to follow the instructions and abide by the regulations of usage passed by the governing bodies of Granada University and those decreed at a general level in current legislation.
  • I authorise the Computing Resources administrator to carry out the necessary technical actions/operations on the Computing Resources used by the undersigned to guarantee the security and smooth running of the Services they provide to the University Community.

You can view and edit your agreement with this statement through your student login.

For more information visit the website of the Service Center of Computing and Communications Networks (CSIRC) of the UGR.