Intensive Spanish Language and Culture (CILYC) – Summer 2023


Course Descriptions

Intensive Spanish Language and Culture

The Intensive Spanish Language and Culture Courses (CILYC) are designed for intermediate to advanced level students who wish to combine their study of the Spanish language with introductory courses in Spanish culture, history, literature, etc.

Students must place into level B1 (CLM Level 4 – Intermediate) or above in order to enrol in this program. These courses are offered at B1, B2 and C levels according to demand.

CILYC courses have a total of 90 contact hours. Students take classes Monday through Friday throughout the month. The subjects can be combined in different ways to make up the 90 hours:

  • Spanish Language (45hrs) + one 45-hour subject
  • Two 45-hour subjects
  • Spanish Language (45 hrs) + two 22.5-hour subjects
  • Four 22.5-hour subjects