Regulations for Activities organised by CLM

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  • Regulations for Activities organised by CLM
  • To participate in any or the activities organised by CLM, you must be a student at CLM. Family members and friends of CLM students can also sign up for cultural visits (NEVER sports activities) provided they first make a formal request in the Secretariat. Since CLM subsidizes many visits for its students, non-CLM students will pay the price of the visit + an extra 60% and must sign a liability disclaimer.
  • You should sign up in the CLM Reception (Conserjería) with your student card, National ID or passport. You can also sign up online using your student account..
  • CLM reserves the right to cancel or reprogram any of the activities without prior warning if the cause is justified (bad weather, not enough students or any other reason beyond the control of CLM)..
  • Once registered for a given activity, it is essential to check its status one of two days beforehand on the CLM web site or activity notice board to see whether it has been confirmed or cancelled.
  • Reimbursement of the amount paid is only possible up until 4 days before the activity is due to take place. In the case of CLM cancelling the activity, the student will receive a complete refund on presentation of the receipt.
  • En caso de cancelación de la actividad por parte del CLM, la devolución del dinero será del 100%. Será imprescindible la presentación del ticket.
  • The CLM does not offer health insurance cover in any of the activities offered. By registering for any activity, the participant is assuming any risks deriving from that activity.