Intensive Spanish Language [60 Hrs.] + Spanish Gastronomy Course: Cuisine, Culture & Language [225 Hrs] – Spring 2024

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  • Intensive Spanish Language [60 Hrs.] + Spanish Gastronomy Course: Cuisine, Culture & Language [225 Hrs] – Spring 2024

Intensive Spanish Language [60 Hrs.] + Spanish Gastronomy Course: Cuisine, Culture & Language [225 Hrs]

  • Dates: 6 January 2024 – 25 May 2024
  • Duration: 20 weeks
  • Application Deadline:
  • Fee: 9.658 €
  • Including:
    • Medical Insurance
    • Visit to winery
    • Tasting Menu Activity
    • Wine Tasting Activity
    • Visit to Olive Oil Mill
    • 90 hours class in El Centro de Formación Profesional La Inmaculada
    • 135 hours class on site at the CLM
    • And much more

* Students must have passed level B1.1 or level 4 to participate in this program

Course Descriptions

Gastronomy Course: Cuisine, Culture & Language

This Spanish Gastronomy program is appropriate for the intermediate student who likes the culinary world and wishes to receive comprehensive and quality knowledge, we strongly recommend this program for you. This Gastronomy course will provide you with the essential theoretical and technical know-how to develop and improve your culinary skills, whilst studying Spanish gastronomic culture and language.

The 225–hour course is divided into different subjects and includes a complete program of cooking classes. These will take place in the facilities of the Centro de Formación Profesional La Inmaculada

Students must place into level B1.2 (CLM Level 5-Upper Intermediate) or have passed B1.1 (CLM Level 4-Intermediate) in order to enrol in this program. As a general guideline, students who have taken approximately 3-4 semesters of college-level Spanish will place into Spanish Language and Culture. Students must have a fair command of the Spanish language in order to succeed in these classes.

SUBJECTS Gastronomy Course

Spanish (45 hours)

Food and Culture (45 hours)

  • Topic 1: Introduction
  • Topic 2: Diet and Culture
  • Topic 3: Factors conditioning food.
  • Topic 4: Religion and food.
  • Topic 5: Socio-cultural functions of food.
  • Topic 6: Historical background of food I.
  • Topic 7: Historical background of food II.
  • Topic 8: Scientific developments and food.
  • Topic 9: The Mediterranean diet.

Gastronomy and Enology (45 hours)

  • Topic 1: Concepts and definition of oenology and wine
  • Topic 2: The vineyard and its irrigation systems.
  • Topic 3: The grape harvest.
  • Topic 4: Alcoholic fermentation. The yeasts.
  • Topic 5: Definition of wine fermentation.
  • Topic 6: Ripening and Aging of Wines.
  • Topic 7: Designations of Wine Origin in Andalusia.
  • Topic 8: Denominations of Wine Origins in Spain
  • Topic 9: Principal wines of the world.
  • Topic 10: Basic Principals of Wine Analysis Methods
  • Topic 11: Sensory analysis in wine.
  • Topic 12: Basic concepts: food and nutrition.
  • Topic 13: Nutritional Needs
  • Topic 14: The bio-cultural dimensions of human nutrition.
  • Topic 15: Gastronomy
  • Topic 16: The Mediterranean diet.
  • Topic 17: Andalusian gastronomy.
  • Topic 18: Gastronomic features of the different autonomous regions in Spain.
  • Topic 19: International Gastronomy.

Days and Schedule of Cooking Classes:

  • The cooking classes will be three hours a day from Monday to Thursday in the Centro de Formacion Profesional La Inmaculada, from 17:30 – 20:30.


  • To learn and practice the basic techniques used in the kitchen.
  • To acquire the knowledge and abilities necessary to develop creativity in the kitchen


  • Basic Culinary Concepts
  • Culinary Techniques
  • Spanish Cuisine

Visit to Winery

Tasting Menu

Wine Tasting

Visit to Olive Oil Mill

  • Places available: 20.
  • Minimum level of Spanish required: B1.
  • All materials included.
  • Subjects focusing on Nutrition will be taught by two faculty members from the Department of Nutrition at the University of Granada.
  • For more information, please contact